Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Bendis Tapes Part 2 Let The Q and A Begin

On this portion of the Bendis Tapes, we discuss the craft of comic book writing as Brian 
takes more questions from his Jinxworld message board.
In addition you'll hear more details of his work on the creative committee for the Marvel Movies,
His work on the upcoming Marvel MMMO, and more story details on the Avenger books, Ultimate Spider-Man 
and other comics.  
Plus Brian gives his opinion on DC Comics NU 52, and how he sees comic book storytelling changing in the immediate future.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Double Feature The Bendis Tapes Pt1 and G4's Blair Butler and Kevin Mellon

 Download The MP3 Here
In part 1 of the latest Bendis Tapes we go over Brian's Summer vacation. You'll hear about the Powers TV pilot shoot in Chicago, and his adventures in the Windy City.

Then we get behind the scene details of the developments in Ultimate Spider-Man. Brian tells us what led to the creation of Miles Morales and the controversies that followed. You'll get Bendis's rebuttals to claims made by right wing pundits like Matt Drudge and Glen Beck.

We also get details on what's coming up in the pages of Bendis's Avengers titles, from working with Neal Adams and the return of Gabriel Del Otto, to Daredevil joining the team.

Then, G4's Fresh Ink comics reviewer Blair Butler has joined the ranks of comic book writers with Heart, a new Image mini series co-created by artist Kevin Mellon. The two join me to talk about this MMA comic, the inspiration behind it, and the challenge of capturing the fastest growing action sport in comic book form. We also discuss the current news and trends in the comic book market.

Time Code

Bendis Tapes Part 1   00:00-1:18:55

Blair Butler-Kevin Mellon 1:19:00 to 2:23:11

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chicago Comic-Con Risso Johnson and Azzarello talk Batman and Spaceman

A quick but great talk with the 100 Bullets crew Brian Azzarello Eduardo Risso and Dave Johnson , who just wrapped up the best FLASHPOINT tie-in story. The instant Batman classic, Knight Of Vengance, which tells the alternate universe story of Thomas Wayne taking up the mantle of The Bat, and how he dealt with the death of his son Bruce on that fateful night in crime alley. 
The guys give us a preview of their new VERTIGO series SPACEMAN, and talk about ther future projects, like Dave Johnson's work on the upcoming new season of the Venture Bros on Adult Swim.
Note- The recording of the talk was compromised, so there is some background surface noise, but you can still hear everyone clearly. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Robert Kirkman And Marty Pasko pt 3

On this episode of Word Balloon we check in
with writer Robert Kirkman . You'll hear about
the genesis of his new series with Rob Liefeld
The Infinite from Image, plus an update on the
status of their coloboration on KILLRAVEN for
Marvel comics.

We also go in depth on The Walking Dead ,
discussing the differences in working on the
TV show, and writing the comic.
Robert takes us into the writing room, and
production process with some details
on season 2.

Note-This was recorded before the
departure of Frank Darabont as the day
to day show runner producer
on The Walking Dead.

Then we wrap up or talk with Marty Pasko,
which continues to explore little known facts
about DC Comics in publishing television and film.
Pasko tries to figure out  the answers to
the questions of why is The DC reboot
happening, why are theRetroactive books
happening now? We also talk about Marty's
TV and animation work on shows like
GI JOE, and The Twilight Zone .

Note- That amazing Pasko Portrait was
created by Michael Netzer

Thursday, August 04, 2011

The DCU Past Present And Future With Marty Pasko and Vaneta rogers

As the saying goes you don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. We explore the past and future changes at DC Comics. Pasko wrote the history for the 2007 DC Vault, and researched more material for last year's 75th anniversary Tashen book. You'll hear about Marty's 1970's DC retroactive Superman story, but also learn about deacdes of chnages and innovations to many of DC's top stars. From the stress filled stomach aches suffered by Wonder Woman editors when they got salacious stories from her creator William Moulton Martsers. Pasko and Cary Bates were given the task of coaching Mario Puzzo in Superman lore while Puzzo prepared to write the 1978 first screenplay draft for the Richard Donner film. You'll learn how editor Julie Schwartz revamped Batman in 1966, to catch the eye of television producer William Dozier and led to him craeting the ABC Batman TV show.
Then Vaneta Rogers Of Newsarama is back to talk about the coming changes in the DCNU. Rogers has interviewed nearly all of the craetors involved in the relaunch,and between us we try to put the pieces together to figure out what may be in store for readers this September.