Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Allan Heinberg's Women Of Wonder

Writer Allan Heinberg wraps up his long awaited 5 part Wonder Woman arc from DC comics, and discusses the new Wonder Woman Annual, and the story delays with host John Siuntres. They cover the upcoming Marvel Young Avengers mini series, featuring Allan & Jim Cheung's team now in the hands of other creators. Plus we look at Allan's television work, currently as a co-executive producer of Grey's Anatomy. The Emmy winning ABC series returns for it's 4Th season this week. And they discuss the issues behind the pending SAG writer's strike which could affect the 2009 production schedules for American TV and Films.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Drew Friedman's Strange But True Hollywood Stories

The Cartoon Satarist is back discussing his new Fantagraphics book The Fun Never Stops a collection of comic strips, cartoons and illustrations from the pages of RAW, MAD, Heavy Metal, SPY, DETAILS, The New Republic,The New York Times Magazine and THE NEW YORK OBSERVER. Drew tells hilarious stories about Woody Allen Jerry Lewis Groucho Marx,Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel, Larry Storch Mad Magazine creator Harvey Kurtzman, and why George W. Bush is the spitting image of 1950's comedian Doodles Weaver You'll learn the genesis behind Freidman's recurring hero The Duke Of Eltingville, his past animation work for Liquid TV and Comedy Central. We'll touch on his trading card work for Topps and wonder where his style of comic strip satire fits into today's electronic media world.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brent Schoonover Orbits Astronaut Dad

Minnesota Artist Brent Schoonover Proves he's got The Right Stuff, when he joins host John Siuntres for a talk about two great indie projects. Horrorwood the 1950's Hollywood Murder Mystery written by Brandon Terrell from Ape Entertainment, and coming out in November Astronaut Dad from Silent Devil Productions written by David Hopkins. To see more of his art, check out his website

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brain Reed Games Without Frontiers

Word Balloon host John Siuntres sits down with writer Brian Reed for an informative conversation covering his computer game writing and design background, and an overview of his past, current, and future comic book projects. They also discuss the differences of writing for comics and today's immersive computer games Reed talks about his new international spy series for Image The Circle which debuts in November , His Marvel books , including the monthly Ms. Marvel The upcoming Captain Marvel Mini Series,and the wrap up to The Illuminati co-written with Brian Michael Bendis. For Dynamite, The current Red Sonja arc co written with Mike Oeming, and starting in November The Mercenaries mini series which serves as a prequel to the Mercenaries 2 Game also written by Reed .

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Marty Pasko Part 2

Word Balloon host John Siuntres wraps up his conversation with writer Martin Pasko. In part 2 they focus on a behind the scenes look at Warner Brothers animation projects like Batman The Animated Series where Marty was employed as a story editor, and co-writing the animated film Batman Mask of The Phantasm. Pasko also talks about working on the short lived Justice League comic strip, and the Six Flags live action shows featuring DC characters .