Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tim Bradstreet Covers It All pt 2

More words and memories with artist Tim Bradstreet, who not only gives us some news about the double sized Punisher #50 issue from Marvel's Max line, featuring interior art by Howard Chaykin... But he also talks up books from the Raw Entertainment Studios like Bad Planet written by Thomas Jane & Steve Niles , Todd Farmer's Alien Pig Farm, future projects like the Bloody Pulp anthology ,and what fans cam expect from the Raw booth at the San Diego Comicon. John Siuntres will also be at the SDCC at the Century Guild Booth (2945) Friday - Sunday , handing out copies of the free Word Balloon Magazine, featuring transcriptions of interviews with many creators and pages of art from guys like Bernie Wrightson, (Bad Planet) , Dan Brereton (Nocturnals) , Steven Griffin (Hawaian Dick) Doug Klauba (The Phantom) , and more!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dan Brereton's Pacific City Nocturne

On this edition of Word Balloon, host John Siuntres chats with artist Dan Brereton, with news about Dan's creator owned crime noir meets classic horror series the Nocturnals. Doc, The Gunwitch, Halloween Girl and the other Nocturnals fight against Pacific City's organized crime families is poised for a return via Olympian Publishing, with the release of The Nocturnal Alaphabet book featured this week at the San Diego Comicon. Dan gives us details on the book, new stories included in the Deluxe Hardcover collections of the Nocturnals saga and some early word on the upcoming new Nocturnals mini series in development. We'll also spend time talking about Dan's work on September's Immortal Iron Fist Annual for Marvel Comics written by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction and sharing the art chores with his friend Howard Chaykin.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Bendis Tapes Summer Edition pt 5

A Double Sized final chapter to this session of the Bendis Tapes. You can hear both Brian Bendis and John break down as the hours tick away, answering this last clump of questions fro the jinxworld message board. As the air gets thinner, the humor gets crazier

Friday, July 20, 2007

Christos Gage, No Longer Under The Radar

On this edition of Word Balloon we talk with a writer, whose comics work is finally getting the attention it deserves. Host John Siuntres sits down with tv and film writer Christos Gage to talk about his current runs on World War Hulk tie ins with the X-Men and Iron Man, His Wildstorm work including the ongoing series Stormwatch PHD drawn by Doug Mahnke, and upcoming new miniseries Armegeddon, and info about The Authority Prime mini sereis. We'll also get details on future projects like House of M Avengers with artist Mike Perkins and for Dynamite Entertainment Chris will be writing new adventures of the spaghetti western anti hero, The Man With No Name. Stay Up to date with news about Chris at his website,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Bendis Tapes Summer 07 pt 4

More Q&A from Brian Michael Bendis's message board. On this edition of Word Balloon, He and host John Siuntres provide more insight into Brian's storylines for the months ahead.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sean McKeever Looks Back, And Forward.

As his Marvel works wrap up, and DC comics begin, writer Sean McKeever looks back and forward with Word Balloon host John Siuntres In this podcast interview, we talk about the wrap up of his run on Spider-Man loves Mary Jane, with Takeshi Miyazawa, the process of writing Countdown with Paul Dini for DC, and we'll get hints of what's to come for the Birds Of Prey and Teen Titans. Sean also talks about his formative collaborations with writers like Paul Jenkins and artists like Mike Norton. You'll hear about his Marvel runs on The Inhumans, Gravity, and Sentinel, and future projects at DC, like his Search For Ray Palmer issue, featuring the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Bendis Tapes Summer 07 pt 3

Here's more of the neverending story of Bendis answering questions from his message board. You'll get more tidbits on HALO, Ultimate Origins, The Avengers books and Ultimate Spider-Man. There's even more to come in the days ahead....

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Bendis Tapes Summer 07 pt 2

On this edition of Word Balloon, more of John Siuntres's one on one talk with Brian Bendis , featuring pop culture talk, some key advice on writing and promoting self published books, and more news from Brian's current and upcoming Marvel Comics ...

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Bendis Tapes Summer 07 pt 1

On this edition of Word Balloon, host John Siuntres presents another session of THE BENDIS TAPES, as Brian Michael Bendis hashes through fan questions that have been piling up since his big announcements last month, at the Wizard Philly show. You'll hear behind the scenes info on all of Brian's current and future projects, including halo,the current skrull invasion, powers, ultimate spider-man, next year's icon crime project with Alex Maleve and much more.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Jeremy Haun provides The Fireworks

Artist Jeremy Haun is back, but the conversation is all new, with his debut as a crime writer, on this month's Oni Press OGN Narcoleptic Sunday , which debuts at this month's San Diego Comicon. Jer also discusses his current run on Marvel Comics Excalibur written by X-Men legend Chris Claremont , and the progres of the Kansas City based comic creator studio Atomic Revolver, with writers B Clay Moore Jason Auron and Seth Peck, and artists Tony Moore and Jason Latour.