Tuesday, January 30, 2007

View From The Floor at The FX Convention

What a great time at Orlando's FX Convention! This is the first of two shows, featuring panels and conversation with Matt Wagner (GRENDEL MAGE BATMAN ) Chuck Dixon & Derick Donovan (CONNOR HAWKE), Dave Johnson (100 BULLETS BEN 10) Steve Scott (CHECKMATE SHADOWPACT) Michael Golden (MICRONAUTS THE NAM), and the guys from Desperado Publishing, including Joe Pruett (KILROY IS HERE) Mike Perkins (NEGATIVE BURN) Chris Moreno (SIDEKICKS) Stephan Nilson (ATOMIK MIKE) and Andrew Robinson(DUSTY STAR). Podtrac Player

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

HACKing and SLASHing , with Tim Seeley

A brand new talk, with one of the Chicago based Comic Book creators ... If you're a fan of the RA Salvatore comic adaptations, or early Devil's Due GI Joe books, you already know Tim Seeley is a great artist. But his writing is distinctly funny and consistantly entertaining . We talk about Tim's work on JOE, The Salvatore adaptations of Deamon Wars and Forgotten Relms, and his original horror creation, Hack Slash, which has beemn optioned for a future motion picture release. Tim's also hard at work on a Troma Pictures comic anthology , adapting films like The Toxic Avenger, Surf Nazis Must Die, and the like, and the long awaited sequel to LOADED BIBLE , with artist Mike Norton. Podtrac Player

Monday, January 15, 2007

Colleen Doran, From A Distant Soil

Sorry folks a few new interviews got lost in a hard drive mishap, so enjoy this June 2005 interview with the great fantasy artist Colleen doran, who's work on A Distatnt Soil , The Book Of Fate, Orbiter and other comic books continues to amaze readers. Colleen discusses her colaborations with Mike Carey J Michael Straczynski, and Warren Ellis. She also discusses her approach in drawing Japanese style manga projects. This was one of the first wordballoon episodes, Has my voice changed much? Podtrac Player

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Nightly News Designed By Jonathon Hickman

The 24 hr news cycle is taken to task in Jonathon Hickman's new book from Image Comics. Citizen victims of false accusations form an agressive cult that seeks revenge on the irresponsible reporters and news organizations that ruined their lives. But the plot of the nightly news is only half of Hickman's singular creation.The gov't conspiracy theories and media issues are presented in a format that is part sequential art, part information guide, wraped in a design display that is like no other comic book on the market. We talk with writer artist Jonathon Hickman, about the issues and design of The Nightly News. Podtrac Player

Monday, January 01, 2007

Dwayne McDuffie, Justified

Download The MP3 Here

From Jan 2006 A Conversation With Writer/Producer Dwyane McDuffie. Dwayne co-founded the Milestone Comic Book Line, created Static Shock , and Marvel Comics Damage Control . He wrote great adventures for books like X-O Man Of War, Deathlok, and the Fantastic Four. He also was part of the phenominal production staff that made the Warner Bros/DC Cartoons of the 90's. We spend a lot of time talking about the Static Shock TV series, and Justice League , which scoring huge ratings for the Cartoon Network. Details about classic JL stories, and the other comic creators who had a hand in various episodes. Learn all about Dwayne's comic books,cartoons and his love of the superhero genre . Podtrac Player