Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jeff Parker , a first class Agent Of Atlas

It's been a MARVELOUS year for Jeff Parker, who has worked his way through the anthology monster book specials, like WHERE MONSTERS DWELL ,and MARVEL ADVENTURES featuring THE AVENGERS and FANTASTIC FOUR. Now Jeff calls the shots for AGENTS OF ATLAS, the 50's revival espionage book, featuring a group of unlikely heroes reunited to face their greatest menace . We'll also discuss Jeff's other Marvel projects, like X-Men First Class , a year one exploration of the groups original members. Plus we look at DEAR JOHN , Letters from Alex Toth, published by Jeff's company, Octopus Press Podtrac Player

Friday, September 29, 2006

Mark Millar A Civil (WAR) Conversation

The writer Of Marvel's Civil War checks in for a conversation about his health, the current status civil war, and the future, as Mark prepares to dive into the podcasting world with his own show. We'll look at Mark's early years writing for 2000AD, the origin of Civil War, The zombie storyline of Ultimate Fantastic Four, which created its own spin-off series, Marvel Zombies, and tons more. Podtrac Player

Brian Azzarello, No Alibis

We visit with writer Brian Azzarello, to talk about Loveless the Vertigo western he started this year, and his new projects debuting this fall... A return to the wildstorm charcter deathblow first tackled by brian in a batman crossover story done in 1999 with returning artist lee bermejo. we'll also discuss brian's reboot of Dr 13 in DC's Tales Of The Unexpected, a new monthly he shares with fellow crime writer David Lapham. Azzarello is at the 3 quarter point in his crime consipracy epic 100 Bullets. so in the second half of the show, we replay our first conversation with Brian, covering the behind the scene facts of the series. Podtrac Player

Monday, September 18, 2006

Andrew Cosby Stakes His Claim, With EUREKA

This summer, Andrew made his mark with the SCI-FI channel's new hit show Eureka . The successful screenwriter is no stranger to comics, as we find out in this informative interview, featuring talk about his Dark Horse series DAMN NATION, plus his continuing work for BOOM! STUDIOS on books like THE SAVAGE BROTHERS, X-ISLE, and THE ENIGMA CIPHER.We'll also get into the behind the scene info on Eureka, and it's chances for coming back next season Podtrac Player <

Friday, September 15, 2006

Chris Eliopoulos , Man Of Letters

a few tech snafus are keeping me busy this week, so we represent a great conversation with Chris, a great cartoonist who does so many comic related things beyond lettering so many of our favorite comic monthlies. Chris is also THE GENIUS behind FRANKLIN RICHARDS, SON OF A GENIUS, to me still one of the funniest ideas marvel ever released. Podtrac Player

Friday, September 08, 2006

Scott Hinze, Fanboy At large

A conversation with Scott Hinze, the host of Fanboy Radio . We talk about the show's origin, and then Scott and I have a discussion about the two big mainstream events in comics, Dc's "52", and Marvel's "Civil War". Podtrac Player

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Word Balloon Podcast Brad Meltzer Gets Booked

Download The MP3 Here

Best selling author Brad Meltzer gives us the lowdown on his new roster in the Justice League Of America, and the keys behind his new JLA story. We also discuss Brad's new novel, the political thriller, THE BOOK OF FATE, which is available at bookstores Sept 5th. Plus we'll talk about GREEN ARROW THE ARCHER"s QUEST, His WB television series JACK & BOBBY, and the JLA story that started the current events in the DCU, IDENTITY CRISIS. Podtrac Player