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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ed Brubaker Part 2 More Fan Questions And Random Comics Thoughts

Time for part 2 of our conversation with Ed Brubaker. We finish up some listener questions, and transition into our usual random discussion about foreign crime films and television that might’ve flown under the general audience radar. We also talk about some of the golden and silver age great moments of forgotten comics. From Gil Kane’s HIS NAME IS SAVAGE, to Johnny Craig’s EC CRIME AND SUSPENSE STORIES and his Warren work on CREEPY and EERIE . 

We remember the Marvel Black and White magazines , including their PLANET OF THE APES original stories by Doug Moench .

Ed also compares his collaborative runs writing with Greg Rucka on DC’s GOTHAM CENTRAL to writing IRON FIST and UNCANNY X-MEN with Matt Fraction.

1 comment:

the comics expert said...

Hi John, I love your podcasts & have been a fan for a while now. I've taken to catching them on iTunes & haven't really been by your site before.
I listened to these (the regulars always have that little tangential extra going for them & over 3 hours of q&a? Yes, please) with lots of enthusiasm, but I couldn't make out the name of one of the noir-films Ed mentioned. Was it Dirty 6 or 36?
Thanks for getting back to me on that one.
I always look forward to new WB-casts & will for as long as you produce them. Thanks a million!