Friday, November 23, 2012

word balloon podcast Bendis Talks Age Of Ultron and Andy Mangels on Saturday Morning Cartoons and The Filmation Generation

Download The MP3 For The Black Friday Weekend, Word Balloon presents something to listen to through Local Biz Saturday, till the end of Cyber Monday. Brian Bendis conducts the Age Of Ultron Press Conference With Marvel Editor Tom Brevort to give us details on Marvel's upcoming Spring Event. Then author Andy Mangels shares Saturday Morning Cartoon stories about the Filmation company, and the creative force behind it, Lou Scheimer.

00:00 Marvel Press Conference Age Of Ultron With Brian Bendis & Tom Brevort

41:52 Andy Mangles Talks About The History of Filmation Cartoons

Friday, November 16, 2012

Brian Azzarello On Spaceman Before Watchemen and Wonder woman Plus The DC Execs Talk Hellblazer's demise, NFL Star Israel Idonije and Jesse Blaze Snider reboots Evil Ernie

Download The MP3 here On this episode of Word Balloon we welcome back Brian Azzarello who's become coming back to Word Balloon since the very first episode in May of 2005. We talk about his latest collaboration with Eduardo Risso, the Vertigo Sci-Fi mini series Spaceman , now collected in hardcover format. Brian explains the inspiration behind the story and explains why he doesn't watch reality television. Then we talk about his 2 Before Watchmen mini series Comedian with JG Jones and Rorschach with Lee Bermejo. Azzarello goes in-depth about his approach to both characters and the whole controversy behind the project. We wrap up talking about Brian's take on Wonder Woman with artists Cliff Chang and Tony Akins. Then we catch up with DC executives Bob Wayne & John Cunningham to talk about the October Diamond order numbers. We also discuss the recent decisions behind ending Hellblazer and rebooting the book as a DCU title Constantine. Plus information on the upcoming details of the 2nd DC audience survey conducted earlier this year. Next Chicago Bear Defensive Lineman Israel Idonije joins us to talk about his plans for a new comic book company and Superhero series called The Protectors. Idonije wrote the series bible and is collaborating with Ron Marz and Bart Sears on the comic. Izzy tells about his long love of comics and what he wants to do with the series. We also sneak in a little NFL talk. Finally Jesse Blaze Snider joins the show to talk about his current comic work which fans of his Muppets and Toy Story comic book work for BOOM! Studios might think is a 180 degrees turn. Jesse has rebooted the Evil Ernie series for Dynamite and talks to us about his plans for the series, and redesigning the entire EE universe for a 21st century audience. Snider has great love for Ernie's creator Brian Pulido and all he accomplished in the Chaos Comics days, but felt the characters needed some tweaks for today's fans, and to stand on their own, rather than old roles serving as support to Pulido's Lady Death series.

TIME CODE BRIAN AZZARELLO 00:00 - 115:12 DC VEEPS 115:13 - 134:10 Israel Idonije 134:11 - 201:30 Jesse B Snider 201:30 - End Of Show

Friday, November 09, 2012

Jeff Lemire JM DeMatteis Jason Aaron Esad Ribic and Tony Moore

Download The MP3 here On this episode of Word Balloon we start things off with Jeff Lemire, who made news this week as DC announced him taking over Green Arrow .We also cover Jeff's work on Justice League Dark , Animal Man and his Top Shelf OGN The Underwater Welder. Next writer JM DeMatteis returns to discuss his new book from IDW Adventures Of Augusta Wind , an inventive new fantasy series drawn by Vasillis Gogtzilas . DeMatteis has a 16 page story coming up in Amazing Spider-Man 700 from Marvel, and previews some new animation projects coming up in 2013. Jason Aaron is back in another Marvel Next Big Thing Press conference to explain the new direction for Thor: God Of Thunder. He's joined by artist Esad Ribic and editor Lauren Sankovich. Finally Tony Moore talks about his involvement in a new convention he's setting up for Cinncinatti . He and local retailer Kendall Swafford explain their plans for the September 2013 show and their current kickstarter campaign . Then, Tony gives us details about his current work on Deadpool for Marvel, the upcoming Fear Agent Omnibus , and his thoughts on today's creator owned comics market. Time Code 00:00 - 55:19 Jeff Lemire 55:20 - 149:23 JM DeMatties 149:24 - 236:43 Jason Aaron Esad Ribic & Laruen Sankovich 236:44 - End Tony Moore

Friday, November 02, 2012

Jason Latour Rick Remender John Romita Jason Aaron Nick Bradshaw Nick Lowe and Lucas Films Disney talk With Art & Franco

Download The MP3 Here On this episode of Word Balloon Writer-Artist Jason Latour joins us to talk about his upcoming run on Marvel Comics Winter Soldier. Jason is taking over when Ed Brubaker leaves the series in late December, and talks about his collaboration with artist Nic Klien and his thoughts on the stage stage of Bucky Barnes life. Jason is also involved in DC’s coming adaptation of D’Jango Unchanied , doing flashback sequences working with lead artist RM Guerra and colorist Guilia Brusco.
He tells us about the exciting challenges of presenting the spaghetti western in comic form. We also talk about a 2-part comic Latour is making with Mike Mignola and John Acurdi in the Hellboy/BPRD universe called Sledgehammer ’44. It’s a World War 2 story that Jason took on as artist, after the passing of John Severin earlier this year. This Dark Horse Project will debut in March. Plus 2 more Marvel NOW! press conferences. First Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. discuss the November 21st debut of their Captain America run. Both are very excited about the new cosmic adventure they have laid out for the Star Spangled Avenger. Then Jason Aaron Nick Bradshaw and Nick Lowe discuss the new direction for Wolverine And The X-Men that began this week with this week’s issue #19. Finally some speculation about Disney’s acquisition of Lucas Films, and the announcement of a new Star Wars film in 2015, with Art Balazar and Franco! , the creative team behind Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures. Art & Franco are die hard Lucas fans, and are beside themselves with excitement, postulating the possibilities. Time Code Jason Latour 00:00-101:50 Rick Remender & John Romita 101:51-156:20 Jason Aaron & Nick Bradshaw 156:21-252:21 Art Baltazar & Franco! 252:22-End Of Show