Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Comic Book Industry watch With Stephen Wacker and Marty Pasko

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As always, great conversation in this Word Balloon double feature. First Marvel Editor Stephen Wacker joins us to talk about the books he oversees like the Spider-Man titles, Daredevil, The Punisher, and Moon Knight. We talk about the realities in today's market. Why some projects of the past couldn't get greenlit in this tighter economy. We also discuss Steve's days at DC including many stories about his work on the weekly all-star event 52. (This conversation was taped before the announcement that Moon Knight had been cancelled) Then Marty Pasko is back for an insight discussion about his observations of the current comic market. Marty has heard the phrase "comics are doomed." since he joined the business in the 1970's. While he believes there are big changes on the horizon, he's also optimistic enough too suggest a few ways the Direct Market stores can stay in the new expanding digital comics world. We also get more great anecdotes from Pasko's DC Bronze Age days, his work on The Batman Animated series, The Fox 1994 Animated Spider-Man series and as the liaison between Time Warner's various media divisions, Other TV Network and Film production companies, and DC Comics.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

VIDEO-Kyle Baker TED Talk -The Care Of The Future Is Mine

Saw artist Gene Ha this past Saturday night and he clued me in to this great TED Talk from earlier this month, given by artist Kyle Baker ( Nat Turner, Deadpool Max, Plastic Man, Captain America: The Truth, & More). In 9 minutes Baker spells out the current plight of a cartoonist in this current economic era. Here's his plan to stay viable and profitable in these changing and challenging times.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marvel News From Bunn Wacker Waid Rucka Dan Slott and Pt 2 of The Bendis Tapes

On this episode of Word Balloon we bring you more press coverage of Marvel's Next Big Things, and conversations with some of your favorite creators. 
From last week, you'll hear writer Cullen Bunn talk about Captain America and Hawkeye #629, the new direction for the former Cap and Bucky title, which starting in April will be a Cap and whomever monthly Marvel team up book. 
Then editor Steve Wacker and writers Mark Waid and Greg Rucka conduct a free wheeling discussion about April's crossover event The Omega Factor, which takes place in Avenging Spider-ManDaredevil and The Punisher
Next, Dan Slott joins us to gush about his latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, out this week. It starts a 2 part time travel story that promises ripple effects for the weeks and months to come. 
Finally we bring you Part 2 of the latest Bendis Tapes, as Brian Michael Bendis answers more question from his Jinxworld Message board about all of his books, and the craft of comic book writing.

Time Code
Cullen Bunn 00:00- 10;19
Steve Wacker Mark Waid Greg Rucka 10:20-36:25
Dan Slott 36:26-1:16:29
Bendis Tapes pt 2 1:16:30-2:30:19

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Breaking News Marvel Press Conference, DC VPs, Boom! Studios Ross Richie, and The Bendis Taoes pt 1

The latest Word Balloon is chock full of news and conversation.
First, we take you inside Tuesday's Marvel press conference call, as they announced legendary Marvel artist Walter Simonson would be drawing Brian Michael Bendis' final Avengers arc starting with April's #25. You'll hear Bendis and Simonson talk about their first ever collaboration. Brian also previews April's new Avengers Assembled series with artist Mark Bagley .
Then DC Vice Presidents John Rood and Bob Wayne join us to talk about the Diamond Sales Numbers from December. The horse race between DC and Marvel stayed tight, with Marvel edging out DC, but there was plenty for DC to brag about, having 8 of the top 10 books including Justice League at number 1. We also talk about the new back-up features in Batman and Detective comics, and some retailer questions about what DC will be doing for the 4 months this year that have 5 Wednesdays, plus how the pre "New 52" trades will be marketed moving forward.
Next, BOOM! Studios publisher Ross Richie joins us to talk about the Ka-Boom! line of children's comics, like the new Peanuts monthly and the upcoming Adventure Time series. Ross also talks about licensed books like The Planet Of The Apes series, the re-release of Grant Morrison's British Avengers Steed and Mrs Peel, Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler's books, and more. Ross also assess the success and strategies of DC and Marvel, since becoming bigger parts of their corporate media synergy plans.

Finally, we begin a new Bendis Tapes session with questions from Brian's JINXWORLD message board .

Time Cues
00:00- 23:30     Marvel Press Conference
23:31- 41:12        DC Vice Presidents John Rood Bob Wayne
41:13- 1:37:23    Boom Studios Ross Richie
137:24-250:23     The Bendis Tapes Part 1

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ed Brubaker and Greg Pak

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It's another Word Balloon double feature to start the new year right. First ed Brubaker gives us an inside look at his new Image horror/crime saga Fatale with co-conspirator Sean Phillips. We also discuss the latest Captain America arc with Alan Davis, and the upcoming Winter Soldier series which starts next month.

Then Greg Pak joins us to talk about his chilling 2011 mini series Red Skull Incarnate . We look back at the wrap ups to Herc and Alpha Flight, and his incredible run on HULK which included the critically acclaimed PLANET HULK and WORLD WAR HULK. Greg also previews his upcoming original graphic novel Doctor Strange Season One with Emma Rios.