Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SDCC panels Jonathan Hickman Spotlight-6th Annual Podcast Panel

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Word Balloon's San Diego Comic Con coverage begins with the 2 panels I was honored to moderate. First up Jonathan Hickman's Spotlight. This was Hickman's first SDCC in 5 years, and it was a chance to field craft questions from fans about his past Image and Marvel books, and a look at FF Secret Warriors and SHIELD , plus the New books The Red Wing, Feel Better Now, and his upcoming run on Ultimates.
Jon was candid about career ven gave an enthusiastic shout out to DC's new 52 !

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Word Balloon Triple Feature Dan Slott Gail Simone & Martin Pasko

Here's a  giant sized Word Balloon to have something to listen to, while you're traveling to the San Diego Comic-Con, taking a long plane/train/car trip, or spending the day running errands for hours. Nearly 4 hours of fantastic comic talk in one podcast! 
First up, Dan Slott gives us the low down on Spider Island, the coming event in Amazing Spider-Man, Venom, and several other Marvel comics in the next 3 months. It all starts with next week's ASM #666. 
Then, Gail Simone joined Art Baltazar and Franco!  on the Aw Yeah Podcast, and dropped some behind the scene clues about her books Batgirl and Firestorm. Both are part of the DCNU 52 title initiative happening in September. She talks about the transition Barbara Gordon will make from Oracle to her return to the bat tights. Gail also tells us how her Firestorm Co-Writer Ethan Van Sciver got her excited about writing the further adventures of Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch .
Finally Marty Pasko returns to talk about his new Superman Retroactive 1970's book. We start to compare the coming Man Of Steel reboot to the Bronze age re-boot, when Clark Kent went from Daily Planet Reporter, to WGBS Newscaster, and a worldwide chain reaction caused all of the kryptonite to change to iron. 
Plus, being the DC historian who helped create the DC VAULT and Taschem's DC 75th Anniversary books, Mary can't help but digress into great anecdotes about many writers artists and editors. You'll hear stories about every decade of the companies rich history. 
Because we're giving you so much to enjoy on this episode, here's a time code for all the guests and information. 
Open, including John's SDCC Schedule 00:00-2:49
Dan Slott 2:49-1:38:50
Gail Simone 138:50-2:23:47
Marty Pasko 2:23:47-3:50:08

Friday, July 15, 2011

Triple Feature Kelly Sue DeConnick Stuart Immonen Francis Manapul

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A great conversation with 3 of today's hottest creators. First up, Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about her current run on Supergirl, which wraps up the character in the current DC continuity. Would you be surprised to learn Kelly Sue is only the 2nd female writer to pen the Supergirl monthly? DeConnick also expands on the fact that despite Gail Simone being the only female writer involved in DC's Nu 52, she was approached to pitch. She explains why she had to decline the offer., and the inevitable 'are there enough women in comics?" discussion ensues.

We also talk about her Marvel mini series Osborn, and the upcoming Castle original graphic novel, co-written by Brian Michael Bendis.

The live from last week's art gallery show in Chicago, Stuart Immonen talks about his amazing work on FEAR ITSELF with Matt Fraction. The mini series has showcased some of Stuart's best work, and that's saying something, when you consider his recent runs on Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers.

Then Francis Manapul joins Art Baltazar and Franco, in a segment of the Aw Yeah Podcast to discuss the transition from artist, to writer artist on THE FLASH for DC. We go behind the scenes discussing Francis's process, and the exciting challenge of sharing writing and art duties with Brian Buccellato.

Double Feature Brian Azzarello and Phil Hester

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On this episode of Word Balloon, it's another double feature with top creators in conversation. First Brian Azzarello talks about his Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance mini series with Eduardo Risso, and the differences between Thomas and Bruce Wayne. We compare the different Batman stories Azzarello has told, from Joker, Broken City, and the weekly Wednesday Comics. We also discuss his new Vertigo science fiction series with Risso, Spaceman. It premiered in the Strange Adventures anthology and will begin its first arc in the fall.

Brian also talks about the coming DC Reboot, and his thoughts on if his storytelling would change to cater to this new potential digital audience.

Then, Phil Hester talks about co-writing the new Bionic Man comic series, adapted from a unproduced Kevin Smith screenplay. Just like their Green Hornet collaboration, Hester and Smith tweak the script and Jonathan Lau handles the art chores.

Phil also talks about his continuing work on The Green Hornet, which he now co-writes with his regular inking partner Ande Parks. He discusses the wrap ups to his run on The Darkness (which ends with issue #100) to Wonder Woman: Odyssey and the transition to the DC reboot., plus his work on IDWs Godzilla with Eric Powell.

Summitt City Con Digital Panel

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