Thursday, April 28, 2011

Planet Of The Apes Talk With Daryl Gregory

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It's a new edition of APE TALK as Daryl Gregory writer of Boom Studios new Planet Of The Apes Comic series joins us. The new ongoing series is set in the classic POTA film continuity and has an interesting starting point. Daryl tells us about his plans for the series plus we talk about his other sci-fi/comic book work.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Bendis Tapes Part 3

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On this episode of Word Balloon we present another chapter of The Bendis Tapes. You'll hear more about Bendis and Mark Bagley's new creator owned series Brilliant, The Death Of Spider Man story in Ultimate Spider Man, spoiler free wrap ups to Ultimate Doom and the first 5 issues of his Icon Series Scarlett, his point one avengers issues plus how his Avenger books will tie into Fear Itself,and result in big line-up changes for the 2 main Avenger teams.

We get a new TV update of Brian's work on The Ultimate Spider Man TV series,Powers, and the Jessica Jones series. Plus Brian takes more listener questions about the craft of writing comics and screenplays.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jonathan Hickman Q&A Part 1

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Jonathan Hickman begins to answer to your questions on FF, SHIELD, SECRET WARRIORS and more! We discuss his upcoming creator owned books , and discuss some recent comic book news.

Hear Me On The Legion Of Substitute Podcasters !

The guys at The Legion Of Substitute Podcasters had me on their show Sunday night, to talk about the LSH and comics in general. We had a lot of fun. Give it a listen here.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ed Brubaker The Return Of Captain America and Criminal Last Of The Innocent

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Hours after the Marvel press releases told readers about a new Captain America issue one coming to coincide with the film's release, Ed Brubaker returns to Word Balloon, to give us the low down on how the book will play off characters and ideas explored in the film.

Ed talks about the Fear Itself Prologue, and provides some background plot ideas that didn't make it into the book, but further flesh out the flashback portion of the story.

Plus Ed's just wrapped up the latest Incognito arc. We discuss the story and the series future. Ed previews the return of Criminal with the new arc Last Of The Innocent, a genre mash up up of Crime, 50's teen comics, and Dr Fredrik Wertham's worst case scenarios of juvenile delinquency leading to adult deviance.

Monday, April 04, 2011

C2E2 2011 View From The Floor Part 2

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Wrapping up the coverage from this year's con chatting with Nick Spenser (Iron Man 2.0, FEAR ITSELF Secret Avengers)Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunleavy (Comic Book Comics) Jai Nitz (Tron 2.0) Paul Storrie, Jeremy Bastion & Josh Elder