Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bendis Tapes Peace And Love Mean Something Very Different

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On part 2 Bendis answers more fan questions and drops the following news tidbits ...

Bendis is announcing a new creator owned project at C2E2. Brian Hitch and Bendis have a 2012 project in the works. Spider-Woman will be featured prominently in Avengers 12.1 , and wait till you see Hitch’s Spider-Woman. Bendis is trying to get Romita to stop drawing Jessica Drew’s hair-do like Snooki’s. On Moon Knight’s move to Los Angeles, Bendis hints there’s already been some LA world building going on to further exploit in Moon Knight, and no that doesn’t mean The Pride from Runaways will be featured.

Plus Bendis explains why he'll no longer be part of THE SOCIAL NETWORK known as Facebook, quoting the wisdom of someone Very Fab.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Slott Talks!

Download The MP3 Here On this edition of Word Balloon, Dan Slott is back to answer your questions, and because he can’t wait for everyone to check out this week’s Amazing Spider-Man 655. Dan calls it “the best issue I’ve ever worked on.” Combined with the double page scene montage in the back of ASM 654.1 and the cover previews for the next 4 issues, there are plenty of telltale signs for the future of the Spiderverse. Dan’s shares what few details he can with us, from Spidey taking the Human Torch’s place in the new FF, to hints of a future ASM event called Spider-Island.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So Long Dwayne McDuffie

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A real shock today, learning about the passing of this wonderful writer. From his work as a co-founder of Milestone, creating Static Shock, his work for Marvel and DC Comics, and his amazing screenwriting for animation on TV series like Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Justice League, Static Shock and many of the direct to video DC Animation projects, including the just releassed All Star Superman. I had the pleasure speaking with Dwayne on this Word Balloon interview from January 2006. While we're all stunned by his passing I hope you can enjoy his good natured humor in this replay, and remember the good times.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ande Parks And Recreation

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Ande is best known for his inking , collaborating with his longtime pal Phil Hester, but Parks has been honing his writing skliils on specials and annuals at Marvel, OGNs at Oni and now monthly series at Dynamite.

Currently Ande is all over the Kevin Smith Green Hornet Universe writing KATO and Green Hornet-Blood Ties, plus he's writing the Lone Ranger crossover The Death Of Zorro.

We discuss these heroes, plus look back at some of our favorite moments from a mutual real life hero, Orson Welles.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

USA TODAY RATES WB #1 Comics Podcast!!!!!!!

What can I say?
What an amazing honor. Thanks Whitney Matheson of USA Today's Pop Candy (an awesome podcaster herself!).
Congrats to my other pals at 11 O'Clock Comics, iFanboy, Tom Vs Aquaman, Raging Bulletts and The Comic Book Queers for their placement on the top 10 list.
Thanks very much to my guests, the comic book creative community , who are really the stars of each podcast I produce.
As always thanks to you for listening. If it weren't for your constant interest, and positive feedback, I would've probably stopped doing this years ago.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Bendis Tapes Part 1 A Hard Days Moon Knight

Download The MP3 Here On the opening salvo to this season’s Bendis Tapes, we start with a closer look at the new Moon Knight series beginning in May. After a mixed reaction to last week's Marvel press conference, Bendis addresses the initial concerns old time Marc Spector fans have, with the idea that his 3 multiple personalities have doubled to include Steve Rogers, Spider-Man and Wolverine. We talk about Takio the all ages graphic novel from Brian and his Powers co-collaborator Mike Oeming On the Marvel movie front, Bendis gives a non detail disclosing thumbs up to the Thor film, and more importantly describes the environment of the meetings with Thor director Kenneth Branaugh. You’ll also hear behind the scenes details of the last Marvel retreat, which was the first led by new Editor-In-Chief, Axel Alonso. We also get updates on the many TV projects Bendis has in the works. You’ll hear about Powers at FX, AKA Jessica Jones at ABC, and Ultimate Spider-Man at Disney XD. Finally, we begin to answer question posted at Brian’s Jinxworld message board, which cover big picture topics like the various ways Brian thinks social media has improved the comics fandom -creator relationship.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gabe Hardman on The Red Hulk ATLAS and More

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Re-Posting this episode with Marvel artist Gabe Hardman. The sound is a little muffled in the interview, but I did my best to clean it up.

We talk about Gabe's work on HULK, and his and Jeff Parker's Plan's to broaden the Red Hulk's (General Thunderbolt Ross) rogues gallery. Plus we talk about the wrap-up to ATLAS, and Gabe's work as a storyboard artist in Hollywood.

Did you know Gabe was the brains behind an amazing sequence from a recent Super hero film?

Director Bryan Singer came to Gabe with the vague direction "Superman saves people in a plane" for Superman returns. Gabe and the technical crew came up with arguably the best sequence of the entire film.

Let's start petitioning the Hollywood brass to get Gabe in the director's chair!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Stuart Immonen Fears Nothing

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On this episode of Word Balloon Stuart Immonen checks in and previews his new Marvel event coming this April, FEAR ITSELF written by Matt Fraction. The conversation then explores the various art styles Stuart has experimented with through the years. We discuss his early DC work on The Legion Of Superheroes, his Superman run as an artist and writer, and his 1996 event The Final Night with Karl Kessel.

We also update the potential of any new NEXTWAVE material coming from him and Warren Ellis, look back at SHOCKROCKETTS and SUPERSTAR from he and Kurt Busiek, and discuss upcoming new projects with his wife Kathryn.