Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney Buys Marvel, What Now? with Vaneta Rogers

Download the mp3 here No one really knows, but this deal spans all mediums, from comics to films, DVD,the digital world. What does it all mean? A speculative conversation with Newsarama reporter Vaneta Rogers

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Word BalloonMoment Dan Slott pt 2

Marvel writer Dan Slott delves into the Mighty Avengers, and why Hank Pym is a flawed but vital hero. We also talk about his future plans in Amazing Spider-Man, including the return of Mysterio

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Patton Oswalt Confessions Of A Big Fan

Downlaod The MP3 from here Comedian Patton Oswalt stars in the new film BIG FAN, written and directed by Robert Siegel , the man who wrote the screenplay for last year's indie hit, THE WRESTLER. There's funny stuff in this film , but like THE WRESTLER, BIG FAN is a realistic look at sports. This time the focus is on an obsessive football fan named Paul (Oswalt) , who's loner lifestyle is defined by his voice on the phone fandom persona as a regular caller to sports talk radio, He has an awkward hero worship moment with his favorite player that turns violently ugly, and upsets his cocoon like world. Oswalt discusses the film's character and the obvious similarities of this sort of fan worship compared to pop culture fans. BIG FAN opens this weekend in New York and Philadelphia. The wider release begins Sept 4Th, and continues across the country through the end of October. He will be in Chicago the weekend of October 2ND doing his stand up and hosting a Q&A session as the film screens at The Music Box Theater. We also talk about his upcoming one shot Firefly story for Dark Horse Comics, and the release of his new DVD MY WEAKNESS IS STRONG. Patton is also starting a new stand up tour in September

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cracking The Time Barrier With Paul Cornell

download the mp3 here Six Hours and 3 Time Zones couldn't keep Paul and I apart from our conversation. We talk about him wrapping up Captain Britain and MI:13, and his new focus on The Dark X-Men, the complicated relationship between Namor & Emma Frost, and his November mini series featuring the origins and history of everyone's favorite Russian Super-Spy, The Black Widow. We also talk about his run on Young Avengers,and his prolific TV work, from Doctor Who, To Robin Hood, Primeval and beyond.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

interviewed by geek to me podcast

a pleasant moment with writer/reviewer elliot serrano on his "geek to me" podcast. don't i look like an extra from the fox tv show "prison break" ?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Word BalloonMoment Windy City Comiccon

Less than a month away, The Spet 19th Windy City Comic Con is no small feat. My pals from Around Comics are putting on a big one day event sept 19th. special guests include richard starkings, tony moore, gene ha, geof darrow, tim seeley, mike norton, skottie young, david petersen, tony aikins, jeffery brown, and over 30 more solid dc marvel, top shelf, and image creators who've all have notable recent books .

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Geek Syndicate UK interviews Jonathon Ross!

Get The mp3 here Being the anglophile I am, I was vey happy to learn that Barry & David got to speak with the very funny tv star Jonathon Ross on their Geek Syndicate podcast. For americans who don't know the name, "Wossy" is the David Letterman of the BBC, and has a great celeb talk show, plus he's a self admitted comic fan. So much so, that he narrated the excellent BBC documentary "In Search Of Steve Ditko" and is writing a comic book himself.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deconstructing Comics Interview

Tim Young in Japan was kind enough to request an interview from me. We had a fun conversation

Word Balloon Moment With dan Slott pt 1

Dan talks about writing Amazing Spider-man #600, and tells us about his future plans on Spider-man The List, as Spidey faces Norman Osborne head-on.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Elliott Serrano Talks aboutr Conventions, Events, and Ash Saves Obama

download the show here Writer Elliot Serrano talks about his new mini series from Dynamite, plus we discuss his role as a comics/geek culture reviewer for the Chicago daily newspaper, Red Eye, and as a podcaster on the video casts Geek To Me, and Comic Culture Warrior, both available at youtube.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wordballoon Moment With John Ostrander & Mike Gold

An updatef rom the guys as the Latest Grimjack Mini series debuts from IDW. We also discuss last saturday's live benefit auction for John, and where to bid on more items starting august 19th. visit this site for more info

Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 things I Learned At The Chicago-Comic Con

1) You Want to speak to Cmdr Adama? Clear It With Col. Deering.

I decided to do video interviews at the con. I knew I'd only get 5-10 minutes with most folk, so what would make these more special than my usual lengthy phone chats with writers and artists? They're posting here at my site , and more are on the way. My buddy Kaz followed me Friday with his HD camera, and we talked to many comic creators. From George Perez, Jason Aaron, and Howard Chaykin to Dan Slott, Greg Horn, Freddie Williams, John Ostrander, Mike Gold and Mark Millar. All great chats, but in my 5th year of podcasting, I'm pleased to say, that these folk know who I am, and are always glad to oblige.

My hope was to talk with the one A-list actor at the con, Admiral Adama himself, Edward James Olmos . I had my doubts, given the best the PR dept could suggest was to try to approach him after his panel (uh, thanks ) . Early Friday afternoon, there was a lull at Olmos's table so I approached him to see if he'd be willing to do a 5 minuter interview. I knew he was there to promote the new BSG DVD The Plan, coming out Oct 27th, and had heard he was quite affable at the San Diego Comicon.

After explaining who I was and the podcast I do, I asked...

"Would you be willing to do a 5 minute interview?"

He thought for a second and said ...

" I'm not sure of my schedule, you'll have to clear it with Erin Gray."

"Erin Gray, really?"I couldn't help but smile

"Colonel Deering has to okay you doing this?"

Olmos laughed and said, "No really , she's my agent for these type of events."

It's true. Not only is Gray at these cons signing Buck Rogers and Silver Spoon photos. She runs the website heroes for hire, which reps many actors at convention tours. So I approached her table. She was all smiles until I explained I was press then she adopted a business like demeanor, and asked about the website I represented. I explained what I do, and she consented to the Olmos interview. You'll see it in a few days.

You'll also see an interview with Erin Gray herself, who frankly was a pleasure to speak with. Not only did we cover Buck Rogers and her memorable stint as Col. Wilma Derring, but she's one of the baddies in the new Ghostbusters Video game, and doing lots of other acting. She was also complimentary towards my interview skills.

Aw shucks, thanks Colonel.

2) What It Really Means When The Big Comic Publishers Don't Have Booths

Yes, I know. DC and Marvel had several top creators in attendance, and available for panels, autograph signings, and panels. However, the Con Floor Entrance looked empty.when you first walked in.

There were rows of celeb autograph tables , from Gil Gerard To The Honkytonk Man, to Todd Bridges and Rob Liefeld (who as always had tons of nice fans to talk to besides the one Yellow Hat Douche). Still there was no big walk in sensory BOOM of giant comic banners, loud pumping booth music or looped videos of new Film and Animated Trailers, plus the usual milling about and community hang out place for comic fans to squat. People wandered about aimlessly. Just like sniffing dogs, wondering what happened to the park bushes they're used to frequenting.

Funny tense exchanges came from the panels. While it didn't match the anger Congress is feeling at these Health Care Town Hall Meetings a few fans demanded answers from the Ian Sattlers and Jim McCanns who led their companies respective chats.

An angry fan would yell, "WHY ISN'T THERE A MARVEL BOOTH?"

(Substitute "DC" for Marvel, then repeat)

The MC answer was always the same

"I don't know, but we're here talking to you, and having a good time. Right?"

It was kind of like blaming your postman, for the cancellation of the Vegas Elvis stamp.

I'd have to say the panels were well attended and seemed to go well, with the one scheduling exception of Mike Choi being the only Marvel artist to show up at an artists panel. Choi rolled with it, and still had fun taking questions with those who hung around. My favorite post panel confrontation was when a "retailer" (R) confronted Jim McCann (JMC) to explain the hypocrisy of Marvel's 70th Anniversary.

Angry R: "How could this be the 70th Anniversary? Marvel Comics company didn't exist 70 years ago."

Smiling JMC: "The Human Torch & Sub Mariner debuted in Marvel Mystery Comics in 1939"


Budinsky Me: " Timely Comics..."


Me: (LOUDER) ...Timely Comics published a title called Marvel Comics in 1939. Don't be a nit picker.

The "Retailer" shot a dirty look my way, while Jim stood there smiling patiently at the guy, in the same way cops do when talking a jumper off of a building ledge.

3) Breakfast With Doug Jones Dave Barclay and Margot Kidder? $100 dollars .

Selling That As A "Special Ticketed VIP Event" ? Priceless.

Look I know this is a "consumer show", where the promoters and dealers want you to buy many things, but frankly the "Meet And Greet" events at the con were way over priced. $99 dollars to drink with Nichelle Nichols?

Sorry but I was just at the FX International Show in Orlando, and with no extra press or VIP privilages I got to hang at the bars and parties with Jonathon Frakes James Marsters , and Jewel Staite this year, George Takei, Greg Grunberg, The Soup Nazi and Adam West last year, and Zachary Quinto, Colin Ferguson, and Peter Graves the year before that. All for free.

There were free saturday drink ups with the comic guests and artists, but that was going to happen anyway at the Hyatt next door, just like it did thursday and friday nights. Just like it always has every year since the con moved to Rosemont.

Looking at these "VIP Events", I felt like Popeye being held upside down at the ankles by Bluto shaking every spare piece of change out of my pockets.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Word Balloon Moment With Mark Millar pt2

In part 2 of our conversation, Mark talks about ultimate Avengers, Upcoming plans for Millarworld, more creator owned comic projects, and the progress on Wanted 2. More Chicago Comic Con Videos are on the way.

Word Balloon Moment With Mark Millar pt1

Up in the green room, above the action at Chicago Comic Con, Mark told me about the progress on his film Kick-Ass directed by Mathew Vaughn, and starring Nicholas Cage. We also talk about the wrap up to his Fantastic Four Run and Old Man Logan.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Word Balloon Moment With Howard Chaykin

From The Chicago-Comic Con. Chaykin discusses his upcoming return to his Marvel creation Dominick Fortune. We also talk about past runs on Blade The Punisher, and future work on GI JOE for IDW.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Questions Of Character With PaulJenkins

Download The Episode From Here On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, writer Paul Jenkins is back to discuss his current work for Marvel Comics, including the current sci-fi story arc Problem Child, featuring Hiro Kala, from PLANET SKAAR AFTERMATH in SON OF HULK, and his upcoming 3rd one-shot of CAPTAIN AMERICA THEATER OF WAR. Jenkins promises we'll see more new work from him for Marvel in the coming months. "I'll let Marvel make the official announcements when they decide the time is right, but In general terms I have three different series lined up. One of them is set up like MYTHOS and the Captain America One-Shots. Dan Buckley had asked me to give some thought of coming to different cases in the Marvel Universe a finding away to tell single issue or short arc stories.The way Dan put it to me was this way. Everybody loves Daredevil and the way Brian (Bendis) and Ed Brubaker have been writing him in with that dark tone.There's no space to fix anything, it doesn't need to be fixed... but Dan said, 'What I want to see is Daredevil's one good day.'...That made me think of 55 story ideas for the Marvel universe... I'll go to the x-men say what i want, and be done with them, and I'll move on and go to Daredevil or Thor's universe...say what I want to with these characters, and move on, while still allowing the regular monthly books to carry the ongoing soap opera." You'll hear Paul views and insight on characters like Thor, Loki, Iron Man, Captain America and The Hulk. We discuss The Sentry and how his beginnings came from a superman/marvelman template, but what makes them all very different.Jenkins also re-addresses his humourous flap with fans over his character Sally Floyd's tirade against Captain America, from the mini series Frontline: Civil War. We also discuss the business side of Paul's career path which includes his work with Marvel, films, computer game animation for smart phones, and other current and future projects.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Standing At The Caldron With Wizard CEO Gareb Shamus

Download the mp3 here The CEO Of Wizard Entertainment Joins Us To Discuss This Weekend's Chicago Comic-Con. We talk about the programing , and try to find out details of Shamus new master plan of business.From the recent acquisitions of many regional conventions, to the personnel changes at Wizard Magazine. Shamus addresses questions about scheduling a convention in Anaheim/Long Beach CA up against the new C2E2 Chicago Convention in April. Aren't both shows going after the same entertainment guests?
We also discuss where Wizard Magazine fits into the new media playing field when it comes to breaking comic news stories. How does the monthly magazine re-position itself in the 24hr news cycle of web coverage?