Friday, January 30, 2009

The Bendis Tapes 2009 Part 3 Brian's Dark Reign

On this episode Of the Word Balloon podcast, it's part 3 of the Bendis Tapes. We continue our marathon sessions answering questions posed to the Marvel writer at his message board. Some of The Answers Brian gave included these tid bits... Q-"How can Wolverine work with the unregistered "criminal" New Avengers, But also serve in the X-Men who've been helping the San Francisco Police Department? Shouldn't he be arrested? Bendis-"Sounds Like there's Hell coming for Wolverine in the next few months.." Q-"Do you and the other Marvel writers do table reads of scripts, when you meet at the Marvel retreats?" Bendis-"We all gather around and read Jeph Loeb's Hulk books and scream at each other...Actually Dan Slott and I did compare how we would both approach doing a certain scene, but it's not like Cos Play. It's more about theory. You won't see Beta Ray Slott wearing his helmet, while he reads ." Bendis- "There will be lots of Spider-Woman news at the New YorkComicon...I have very strong ambitions with Spider-Woman and other projects that will be announced. I've dedicated my life towards, another level of things that I would like to attempt in mainstream comics. (after Secret Invasion) it would be very easy to be lazy this year, but I've gone elsewhere with that thought. [sic]"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Watchman Animator Jake Hughes

animator jake hughes joins us for a conversation about the watchmen motion comic. jake proposed the project to warners and the result has been a new way to present the story and art to an audience pre-sold on the forthcoming zack snydeer film. jake gives us an indepth behind the scenes look, from dave gibbons involvement, to the original musical score performed by a 50 piece orchestra

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Bendis Tapes 2009 Part 1 Brian's Dark Reign

With the Dark Reign story arc, it's a new year and fans are seeing a new direction for the Avengers titles and the entire Marvel Universe. On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast , we sit down with Dark Reign's creator Brian Michael Bendis for another edition of the Bendis Tapes, as he takes fan questions posted at Brian's message board. Also with a special cameo appearance, David Mack joins us to discuss his work on a Philip K Dick comic adaptation, the next steps for Kabuki, and behind the scenes details of his co-writing project with Bendis, Daredevil:End Of Days.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Skottie Young The New Man Behind The Curtain

On this editon of the Word Balloon podcast, we talk with artist Skottie Young about his interpretation of L Frank Baum's Wonderful Wizard Of Oz for Marvel Comics "if you do this you're going to have free reign in designing this vision of Oz. we get into a discussion about the oz mythos, and it's various representations in other media. the play and novel version of wicked to todd mcfarland's twisted land of oz statue. you'll hear about his collaborotive process with writer and fellow oz enthusiast eric shanower. we also discuss skottie's comedy/music podcast the devil and me co-hosted with casey mcauley. there's also an informal talk about where comics are going in 2009, digitally and the collected trade versus the monthly magazine.